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Ascent to the Beluha mountain

Actru - in the land of snow and ice.

Altai is magic land

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Through places of Altai pictured by Rerih

Tracking in the valley of the Ursul river

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Altai is magic land

Data of arrivals and departures:
27.06-04.07; 06.07-13.07; 18.07-25.07; 27.07-03.08; 12.08-19.08; 21.08-28.08;.


Price per man:
from group that consists of 8 men: 11600 rubles(for travellers who prefer own bycicles, it will cost - 10040 rubles).The price must include: Mounted excursions and excursions on bicycle accompanied by skilled instructors according to the programme; all transfer`s services; rental of necessary outfit, board and lodging; insurance - policy (in case of an accident it includes life-saving works with help of helicopter to Gorno-Altaisk from any point of the itinerary). Price of additional services: airport - office: 100 rubles per man; hotel - airport: 100 rubles per man; accomodation in the hotel "Barnaul" under 200 rubles per man.

Personal: Boots of high quality for tracking, downy coat, waterproof costume with hood that protects from wind, sweater, warm gloves, knitted cap, rucksack containing 90-110l, dishes, sleeping bag, rug. Our travel agency provides: double or triple frame tents of high quality, camp-fire`s set. Sleeping bag, rucksack, rug could be given free of charge (so to indicate on the application form).

Minimal experience of being to the mountains is desirable, but it is not necessary condition. Mounted excursions and excursions on bicycle (for not more than 25 km) are fulfilled under the leadership of skilled guides, who work regularly through this itinerary. It is necessary to be hard-bitten. It is good if you could help with camp works. Preliminary consultation with the doctor is recommended. Disregard of comfort.

Tour`s features:
All length of the itinerary - 860 km (by car) + 165 km (on bicycle) + 20 km (on horseback)Having chosen this combined itinerary, you got a great possibility of observing practically all mountain hollows and ridges of Altai. Ust-Cannskaya`, Abaiskaya` and Uimonskaya` steppes are unique natural objects that open unlimited distance of Central Asia, as well as its past and present.Initial and final points of our trip is Barnaul(Altaiskiy cray). From this point we go by bus to the South, in the direction of Mongolia through the ancient trading track -"Chuiskiy` track". Following this way we cross one of the highest passes of Altai - Seminskiy. After short rides along the paths of Terektinskiy` mountain ridge and after a visit done to a village "Tungur", our participants will have an exciting travel on bicycle in the valley of the Katun river that is situated where three of the biggest mountain ridges of Central Altai joint. These are marvelous places of interest which make you plunge into the world of nomadic culture and history of Altai. We wish you to have a good rest!

Programme of realization of the tour:

1st day:

Arrival to Barnaul. Deplacement to the office. Breakfast. Short discussion of the itinerary. You can leave on keeping the luggage which won`t be necessary in the mountains.First day of your travel you will go through the ancient track of Siberia - "Chuiskiy` track", its length is 616,7 km. Going along the Katun river, the largest river of Gorniy Altai. In a couple of hours you will achieve the highest point of Chuiskiy` track - Seminskiy` pass.Its altitude is 1894 m above sea level. You will be touched by fascinating sights of the mountain peaks of Gorniy Altai and Cedar-trees forest all around there. Our travel continues - going down to the Ursul river`s valley. After that, we leave Chuiskiy` track, we go to the Yaboganskiy` pass. Going down from the pass we are in Ust-Kanskaya` steppe. Then surmounting to the small pass we are in Abaiskaya` steppe. That will be all for your travel for the first day. Night you will spend on the bank of the beautiful river named Koksa. In the evening you will get aquainted with the other participants near the camp-fire. Instructor will tell you a lot of tales and legends about Chuiskiy` track and Altai.

2-d day:
Preparation to the active part of the itinerary, riding a bicycle. Fitting of the equipement, necessary instructions. You will have to surmount on bicycle to Gramotuha` pass. Going down from this pass (on bicycle) and you will be in Uimonskaya` steppe which is surrounded by the majestic mountain peaks of Terektinskiy` and Katunskiy` mountain ridges. The mountain peaks will remain you about huge giants which guard this magic land. At the end of the day, you will be cordially received in a village named "Chandek", where you can go to Russian bath-house.

3-d day:
It`s the day of "radial" travels. Today (during one day!) you will ride a horse and will commit an exciting journey to the land of mountainous lakes and alpine meadows of Terektenskiy` mountain ridge. From this moment you are one of those people who approached to the pristine beauty of Altai`s nature.

4-th day:
Trip through Uimonskaya` steppe. Visiting a village "Tiungur". Then travel along the Katun river, originated from glaciers of Katunskiy` mountain ridge. Today you`ll pass historically famous places, precisely, the places where the establishment of Soviet power took place last century, just in this region the striking events of Russian Civic War occurred. You will pass the place of defeat of Peter Suhov`s detachment. Instructor will tell you more detailed story about it. You`ll pass the night in tents in the cosy and picturesque place near the Turgunda river, not far from its entering to the Katun river. Evening near the camp-fire. You will enjoy nature: bright stars, magic sounds of nature will stay in your memory for a long time!

5-th day:
This day is full of thrills and sensations of severe beauty and power of nature. Old abandonned road made once in the precipitous hillsides rises and goes higher above the river roaring down. The Katun river is very heady and unpredictable there, it descends into the deep gorge - "Ak-Kemskiy proriv". You`ll see the remains of ancient graves and stony sculptures there. Night, not far from the Argut river`s mouth, on the bank of the Katun river that became calm outside the gorge. It`s very beautiful place.

6-th day:
Today we continue our journey along the Katun river. We`ll pass an ancient village of regional inhabitants - "Inegen". Road goes further along the Katun river, between rocks, and then we`ll follow Chuiskiy` track.

7-th day:
Going through Chuiskiy` track to a village named "Maliy Yaloman". There is the end of our trip. Going back by car to Barnaul (515 km).